Wet Dust Collection Booth

6.33 ft. Water Wall Wet Dust Collection Booth

Water Wall Wet Dust Collection Booth – TEC710

The TEC710 Water Wall Wet Dust Collection Booth is a dust collector that removes stone dust from the air in the fabrication environment. This wet suction booth offers sturdy design and durable functionality. The material and design makes the features of this wet dust collector effective for stone professionals.

The TEC710 Water Wall Wet Dust Collection Booth features a 4.43 hp driving this booth to provide 90% dust efficiency. the aspiration is 423.78 ft3 per hour. Additionally, this Wet dust collection cabin sports a 3 foot extension enclosure; boosting efficiency of its dust removal capabilities. As a result The TEC710 excellently removes a variety of natural and engineered stone materials including:

  • Granite Dust
  • Marble Dust
  • Quartzite Dust
  • Onyx Dust
  • Concrete Dust
  • Quartz Dust
  • Limestone Dust
  • Other Dust Particles from Fabricating Stone

Having effective air filtering systems in place enhances safety regarding stone fabrication.

Water Wall Operation

The TEC710 Water Wall Dust Collection Booth facilitates dust removal from the work environment through the following 6-step process:

  1. The collection booth is filled with water.
  2. The water is circulated through the unit repeatedly. As a result, a wall of water forms as the liquid runs down the nearly vertical exposed surface of the unit.
  3. The “waterfall” or wall of water runs from the top of the unit to the collection tray located at the bottom of the unit.
  4. While the water flows continuously through its cycle, the motors create a vacuum that draws the dust in the air into the flow of water.
  5. The water (with the dust) lands in the catch basin at the bottom of the water wall.
  6. Periodically, empty the mud that is created by this dust extraction process.

TEC710 Wet Dust Collector Specifications

The table below enumerates the line of wet dust collectors offered by Filter Project. The TEC710 is highlighted to show the machine’s specifications.

Water Wall Dust Collectors
Dimensions Technical Specifics
Model Length Width Height Weight Power Suction Effect Volume
TEC710 6.33′ 3.12′ 7.80′ 507.06 lbs. 4.43 hp 423.78 ft3/hr 90% 74 dB
TEC711 9.61′ 3.12′ 7.80′ 705.48 lbs. 7.38 hp 529.72 ft3/hr 90% 74 dB
TEC712 12.89′ 3.12′ 7.80′ 914.92 lbs. 8.05 hp 882.87 ft3/hr 90% 74 dB

Additional Filtration Equipment Available

Filter Project offers a water treatment solution for nearly every situation. Other machines and plants are available. In fact, we offer a line of dry dust collection booths as well as compact waste water treatment solutions for shops and factories of various sizes. Or if you are in need of components such as automatic filter presses or flocculation units, we can help. Just connect with us via one of the methods on this website or contact a distributor.

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