Using Filter Presses

Filter Press Use In Stone Fabrication

Filter Press Use In Stone Fabrication

Working in the stone industry gives rise to exposure to all sorts of stone processing methods. In addition to the variety of stone fabrication options, stone workers make use of filtration systems. Since shops range in size and production, you will find various ways that stone shops handle waste water.

Some water filtration systems utilize equipment called a filter press. In this post, we will take a look at what a filter press is and how filter presses are benefiting stone fabricators. Additionally, we will explore some of the water filtration systems available to stone fabricators.

What Is A Filter Press?

To understand how a piece of equipment fits in with stone fabrication, it helps to have the machine clearly defined. Let’s look at what a filter press is and then we can discuss how it is used in stone fabrication.

A filter press is a device used to quickly separate a collection of solids (or particles) from liquids (usually water). Often times filter presses are part of a larger system or process through which these solids and liquids are either used or produced or both.

When you research filter presses, you will find that they are used in many types of manufacturing, fabrication, and water treatment. So how do they fit into stone fabrication? What role do filter presses play in the stone industry? Let’s consider that now.

How Are Filter Presses Used in Stone Fabrication?

Filter presses are used in stone fabrication as part of the process for reclaiming water from the slurry that is produced during the fabrication process. Many steps of the stone fabrication process utilize water to keep the stone and tooling operating at a cool temperature. Some of these steps include:

  • Cutting With Bridge Saws
  • Drilling With Core Bits
  • Shaping With Grinders
  • Polishing With Polishing Pads
  • Edgeing With Edge Profilers

Stone fabricators use a wet environment to to perform each of those steps. Constant water flow is used to maintain this wet environment. As you can imagine, the process consumes a lot of water. During fabrication, the water combines with the stone particles to produce slurry. This slurry gets processed to reclaim the water and send it back through the system. Depending on the production level of the fabrication shop, one or more water treatment techniques will be used.

Water reclaiming is done in an effort to reuse as much water as possible. After all, the more water reused during the fabrication process, the less water is consumed by the shop. This is where filter presses come in.

Filter presses perform the function of de-watering the slurry as the water runs through the reclaiming process. A series of chambers fill with slurry, causing the solids to build up while the liquid exits. As “cake” builds inside the filter press, the pressure within the system increases. This cycle continues until all of the chambers are filled with cake. Once the pressure can no longer be increased, the system opens the “chambers” to allow the cake to fall from the machine into a holding bin. Then, the system closes the chambers back up and the process starts all over.

Filter Press Benefits

The benefits of using a filter press and water reclaiming system are primarily related to cost reduction. As mentioned earlier, water reuse lowers the amount of water that the fabrication shop consumes. In addition to the cost of the water used, savings are realized by reducing the cost of disposing of the sewage. So, water reduction pays off when it comes to stone fabrication.

Besides the benefits of using a filter press in your fabrication process, there are other reasons not to pass up the opportunity. Some of these include:

  • Chemical Free
  • Scalable
  • Safe Operation
  • Fast
  • Easy to Use

When it comes to selecting the right filter press for your shop, there a number of machines from which to choose. In fact there are a number of filter presses available through this website. We have also ut together some information discussing the quality of filter presses, sizes available, and how they are equipped.

Other Water Filtration Equipment

Filter presses are just one piece of the process when it comes to water filtration and water recycling. All sorts of equipment is used in systems designed to filter water. Some of this is described below.

  • Sludge Dehydrators – A cabin-like piece of equipment made for “straining” water from sludge that is captured during the fabrication process.
  • Lamellar Plants – These settlement tanks are designed to separate solids and liquids using gravity.
  • Flocculants – This technology is used to accelerate settlement of solids.

If your fab shop would like more information about any of the equipment on this website or the machines available through Filter Project, feel free to contact us for more information or get a price quote for a particular system type.

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