About Us

Filter Project USA is a website designed to focus on information dealing with filtration as it pertains to the stone fabrication industry. In the stone industry, there are two main fluids that require some type of filtration. These are:

  • Air Filtration
  • Water Filtration

Filtering Air In Fabrication

When it comes to fabricating granite or the fabrication process of other types of stone, air filtration plays an important role. For example, dry polishing a stone’s surface or edge generates dust. This is where dry dust collection systems play an important role. Filtering the stone particles out of the air reduces the amount of dust that fabrication professionals are exposed to.

Filter Project offers a number of machines that filter dust from the air. Some of these units are dry dust collectors. In addition to the dry units, we offer water walls that draw air through the machine and use water as the filter to remove the dust from the work environment.

Air filtering systems other than booths (sometimes called cabins) are available. In fact, these aren’t the only kind of air filtration units we offer. Another air filtering machine designed to collect dust is the mobile dust extractor. This small, portable unit works to draw dust particles away from a specific location.

Water Filtering Units