Dry Dust Collection Booth

6.33 ft. Dry Dust Collection Booth

6.33 Foot Dry Dust Collection Booth – TEC713 Automatic Cleaning

The TEC713 Automatic Cleaning Dry Dust Collector removes dust from the shop work environment. Get the advantage of removing potentially harmful dust from the work environment in your fabrication shop through the use of equipment that draws the dust particles out of the breathable air and deposits them into containers for removal; either manually or automatically.

This automatic cleaning dry dust collector removes air born dust from the fabrication work area. It measures 76″ x 43 1/4″ x 96 1/2″. Additionally, the TEC713 is constructed with durable and sturdy stainless steel. They also remove 99.99% of the dust particles in the workspace. This is even more important now that OSHA is increasing the requirements for Silica in the stone industry. These additional requirements make it a good time to consider adding a dry dust collection system to your stone fabrication shop.

Simple to Use Design

The TEC713 Dry Dust Collection Booth is made for simple operation. When the motor is running, the dust is vacuumed into the collector. As the air is drawn through the unit, specially designed cloth filtering sleeves allow filtered air to pass through and circulate back out into the shop. However, the dust particles are not allowed through the filters; instead the dust is captured by the filtering sleeves. The dust gets collected into the catch basin at the bottom of dry dust collection booth. All that is needed is for the catch basin that holds the filtered dust to be emptied periodically. Some fabricators choose to empty the catch basin each day. Yet, others decide that the machine needs emptied weekly.

3 Foot Extension Enclosure

This dry dust collection booth is equipped with an enclosure that measures 3′. This extension is added to further improve the control of the air current that is generated by the vacuum which draws the dust into the collection booth. Another benefit to having the enclosure is that the vacuum efficiency is increased.

Automatically Cleaned Dry Dust Booths

Below is a list of each of the dry dust booths available from Filter Project that are designed to be amnually emptied periodically. There are also automatic cleaning dry dust collection systems that are available as well.

Dry Dust Collection Systems
Dimensions Technical Specifics
Model Length Width Height Weight Power Suction Effect Noise
TEC713 6.33′ 3.61′ 8.04′ 661.39 lbs. 4.02 hp 423.78 ft3/hr 99.9% 67 dB
TEC714 9.61′ 3.61′ 8.04′ 859.80 lbs. 5.36 hp 565.03 ft3/hr 99.9% 67 dB
TEC715 12.89′ 3.61′ 8.04′ 1,102 lbs. 8.05 hp 1,130.07 ft3/hr 99.9% 67 dB

Informational Video

Filter Project Dry Dust Collection Booth