CH50 Granite Water Recycling

Water Recycling System for Granite Fabrication

CH50 Water Recycling System for Granite Fabrication

The CH50 Water Recycling System for Granite Fabrication recycles wastewater that is produced by stone fabrication shops. This recycling system handles multiple parts of the water clarification process using a variety of water treatment techniques.

The CH50 performs granite wastewater recycling as well as mud sludge collection through the multi-step treatment of wastewater that comes from the granite fabrication process. As you are probably aware, water filtration is important. This granite wastewater clarification system transforms the slurry from the stone fabrication process into clear water that can then be reused in the granite fabrication process. By recycling the water used in the fabrication shop, stone & granite fabricators realize a tremendous savings in the cost of supplying water to a granite or marble fabrication facility.

Slurry Separation

This water clarifying system for granite fabrication makes use of a water filtration cycle to produce clean water from slurry in stone fabrication shops. It does this by separating the slurry into two parts. By filtering out the stone mud and circulating the water through the system, the water is reused repeatedly and stone particles that are filtered out, are stored in a holding bin.

Reducing Water Costs In Stone Fabrication

The CH50 water clarifying system for granite fabrication uses the aforementioned processes to allow stone fabricators to reuse wastewater. One fabrication professional reported a 93% reduction in his water utility after installing a water treatment plant.

  • 792 Gallons Per Minute
  • 16.40′ Unit Diameter
  • 34.45′ Unit Height
  • 29,058 Gallon Tank
  • AS 800/15P

Multiple Water Treatment Solutions

There are a number of large water clarification solutions available. The following table enumerates the various sizes of water recycling systems provided.

Large Plant Technical Specifications
Model Rate Diameter Total Height Total Volume Filter Press
CH25 211 gpm 8.20′ 24.5′ 5,283 gal. AS 500/8P
CH30 264 gpm 9.84′ 27.88′ 9,510 gal. AS 630/8P
CH35 396 gpm 11.48′ 29.5′ 13,208 gal. AS 630/8P
CH40 528 gpm 13.12′ 29.5′ 17,435 gal. AS 630/15P
CH45 660 gpm 14.76′ 31.17′ 22,718 gal. AS 800/10P
CH50 792 gpm 16.40′ 34.45′ 29,058 gal. AS 800/15P
CH55 925 gpm 18.04′ 37.73′ 36,191 gal. AS 800/20P
CH60 1,189 gpm 19.69′ 45.93′ 59,174 gal. AS 800/20P
CH65 1,453 gpm 21.33′ 49.21′ 70,798 gal. AS 1000/20P
CH80 1,717 gpm 26.25′ 57.41′ 138,162 gal. AS 1000/20P


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