Stone Sludge Dehydrator DS30

Stone Sludge Dehydrator

Stone Sludge Dehydrator – DS30

The DS30 Stone Sludge Dehydrator is one of several sludge dehydration machines for use in stone fabrication settings. This stone sludge dehydrator separates the water from the solid so your shop can reuse the water repeatedly.

The DS30 is a stone sludge dehydrator chosen by fabricators and other stone professionals for processing stone waste. This sludge dehydration unit makes use of three bags and will hold a total of 9.53 cubic feet of solid waste.

Cost Effective Mud Eliminaton

If you are looking for a cost effective way to eliminate mud from your decantation tanks, the DS Series from Filter Project is an inexpensive option. The DS30 stone sludge dehydrator offers three sludge filtering bags. Hence, it will hold 9.53 ft3 of mud. Then, the bag’s contents is dehydrated, after which the the bag is stocked outdoors. As a result, the water that is cycled through the system is reusable for another circulation.

DS Series Dehydrator Specifications

These cost effective sludge dehydrators offer various specs. Below is a table showing each of the units and what the dimensions and specifications are. The DS30 is highlighted for reference.

Sludge Dehydrator Technical Specifications
Dimensions Technical Specifics
Model Length Width Height Weight Power Bags Volume
DS20 43.31″ 19.69″ 78.74″ 80 lbs. .75 Kw 2 6.36 ft3
DS30 59.05″ 19.69″ 78.74″ 100 lbs. .75 Kw 3 9.53 ft3
DS40 82.68″ 19.69″ 78.74″ 120 lbs. .75 Kw 4 12.71 ft3
DS50 102.36″ 19.69″ 78.74″ 140 lbs. .75 Kw 5 15.89 ft3
DS60 122.05″ 19.69″ 78.74″ 160 lbs. .75 Kw 6 19.06 ft3

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Weha USA Sludge Dehydration Diagram