The Role of Water Recycling in Stone Fabrication

Transforming Stone Fabrication: The Vital Role of Water Recycling

In the sprawling realm of construction and design, the stone fabrication industry stands as an integral pillar, shaping our landscapes and architectural marvels. From timeless monuments to modern skyscrapers, the precision and artistry of stone craftsmanship have left an indelible mark on human civilization. However, amidst its grandeur lies a lesser-known yet crucial aspect: the consumption of vast quantities of water, a resource both precious and finite.
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Quartzite vs. Sandstone

Comparing Quartzite & Sandstone

Running a shop that works with slabs brings you into contact with a variety of materials. Natural stone materials and engineered materials are two of the main categories under which specific materials fall. In this post, we are going to match up two from the first category and see how they compare to one another. That’s right two natural stone materials will be look at in this article as we examine the match up: quartzite vs. sandstone. Additionally, we will see why the dust from working with these materials needs to be controlled and how controlling it can be accomplished. So let’s get into our comparison.

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Lamellar Clarification

Lamella Filtration for Stone Fabrication

Filter Project offers compact separation machines for fabrication professionals looking for units with a small footprint. These kinds of separators are great for fabrication shops that want effective sludge processing while taking up less space than larger sedimentation systems.
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Fabrication Water Reuse

Stone Fabrication and Water Reuse

As you are aware, water is a critical part of your stone fabrication operation. Your equipment, tools and shop depend on water to operate efficiently. Thus, making water just as much of a tool as any saw, polisher, or slab cart. Additionally, you perform maintenance on your machinery on a regular basis. Just like you maintain your fabrication equipment, water can be “maintained” in a sense; through stone fabrication water recycling.
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CH60 Water Treatment With Filterpress

CH60 Water Treatment Plant With Filterpress

The CH60 Water Treatment Plant With Filterpress recycles stone water produced by stone fabricators in their fab shops. This recycling system handles the water clarification process in a series of steps. It also uses a variety of water treatment techniques.

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198 GPM Water Filtration System

198 GPM Compact Water Filtration System

If you are thinking of starting a granite fabrication shop, be sure to check out this compact water filtration system. This machine assists stone fabricators in handling the water filtration cycle during stone fabrication. Additionally, the 198 GPM water treatment system is compact and versatile.
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