Dry Bench

Dry Dust Collector Bench

Dry Bench Dust Collector BS-35

This dry bench dust collector is designed to efficiently remove potentially harmful dust particles from the air. It is constructed with hot-galvanized and aluminum sheeting to give you years of hard working life.

The dry bench is equipped with a self cleaning system using compressed air and removable drawers to make disposing of the dust quick and easy.

This dry dust collection bench unit offers the following specifications:

  • Wooden Worktable
  • Centrifugal Fan
  • Electric Motor
  • CE/UL Compliant Electrical Panel
  • Filtering Cartridges
Dry Dust Collection Bench
Description Model Length Wide Height Weight Power Suction Abatement Noise
Dry Bench BA-35 11.98′ 3.94′ 3′ 618 lbs. 4 Kw 582.69 ft3/h 99.9% 74dB