CPM-05 Manual Flocculant Unit

CPM-05 140 Gallon Flocculant Unit for Granite Fabrication Water Treatment System

CPM-05 Manual Flocculant Unit

The CPM-05 is a manual flocculant unit designed for use with small water treatment plants. The CPM-05 Flocculant Unit offers a 140 gallon capacity tank and weighs 220 pounds. And is great for running with small treatment plants used to clarify stone fabrication wastewater.

This flocculant unit is semi-automatic so your fabrication shop will need to have personnel on hand to keep the water and the powder loaded for proper operation. If you are using this equipment with a medium to large water treatment plant, you may choose to use one of the CPA Flocculant units that are designed to keep the powder and the water filled automatically.

Each of the flocculant units offered by Filter Project USA are constructed with high quality AISI 304 stainless steel to resist corrosion of parts that are in contact with water. The CPM-05 uses a cylindrical tank. The dimenisions of the CPM-05 FLocculwnt Unit can be seen in the following specifications table.

CPM-05 Specifications Table

The table below shows a schematic and the specifications for the CPM-05 Flocculant Unit designed to be used with water treatment pants that are offered by Filter Project USA.

CPM-05 Flocculant Unit Specifications
CPM-05 Flocculant Unit Diagram
Description Capacity Weight Diameter Height
Manual Polyelectrolyte System 140 Gallons 220 Lbs. 31.50″ 39.37″

Filter Project offers 2 primary types of flocculant units. The first is the manual unit; designed for use with small water treatment systems where there is not a need to have the polyelectrolyte constantly ready. The second type is the automatic unit. The automatic units are built with the medium to large treatment plants in mind. These medium to large plants consume much more of the polyelectrolyte solution due to the high usage rate normally realized by medium to large plants.

Flocculant Unit Technical Specifications
Technical Specifics Dimensions
Model Description Capacity Weight Diameter Height
CPM-02 Manual System 61 Gallons 110 Lbs. 24″ 34.25″
CPM-05 Manual System 140 Gallons 220 Lbs. 31.50″ 39.37″
CPM-10 Manual System 264 Gallons 882 Lbs. 47.25″ 39.37″
CPM-15 Manual System 396 Gallons 1,058 Lbs. 59.00″ 39.37″
CPM-20 Manual System 528 Gallons 1,212 Lbs. 59.00″ 49.21″
CPM-30 Manual System 792 Gallons 2,160 Lbs. 59.00″ 98.42″

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