Sintered Stone

Sintered Stone

The stone industry is always innovating new materials. Technological advancements continue to drive new surfaces and products all the time. One of the newer technologies is a material that goes by a variety of names. One of the more often used terms is “sintered stone”. This material offers some specific properties and is used for diverse applications. in this post, we will examine some helpful information regarding sintered stone. We will also discuss some of the qualities that this material has and what they mean for professionals that want to begin offering sintered stone surfaces to customers.
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Quartz Brands

The Many Brands of Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz surfaces are among the popular materials selected for use in homes, businesses, and other construction and architectural projects the world over. With its appealing characteristics and the large selection of look, feel, and visual texture engineer quartz is the choice of many. In fact, there are so many individuals interested in the material that there are a plethora of brands through which the material may be obtained. Let’s take a brief look at some of the common traits that engineered quartz has to offer. We will also offer a list of quartz brands that you may find offered by designers and fabricators but at the time of this writing had no website that we could find to which we could link.
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Benefits of Slurry Filtration

The Benefits of Slurry Filtration

Chances are you have heard of the process. It is known by a variety of phrases. Whether you call it stone water treatment, granite water recycling, or concrete slurry filtration, the idea is the same. We are talking about the process of circulating water through a closed system while extracting, filtering, or otherwise removing the suspended particles of the “stone” material the water contains. So¬† don’t be sidetracked by terminology as you read this post. It may not exactly match phrases you have heard. The Benefits of Slurry Filtration is the title of this article. However, The Benefits of Granite Water Recycling, Benefiting From Filtering Stone Water, or something similar could easily have been the title. The key is to recognize benefits to using water filtration systems. Professionals process concrete, stone, and ceramics using these methods regularly.
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Natural Granite

Natural Granite Information

Natural granite is seen all over the world in a number of architectural projects. It is a visually diverse material that offers a number of benefits including durability and beauty. In this post we will consider some natural granite information about various aspects of this marvelous natural stone. Along the way we will look at some of the qualities of this stone, why it has become a standard in architecture, and how to care for it. Let’s look at our natural granite information.
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Comparing Marble & Granite

Comparing Granite & Marble

Both granite and marble have been used in the construction of fascinating buildings. Both materials are processed in stone fabrication shops that make use of stone water treatment equipment and various dust collection machines. Monumental architecture is made up of these two natural stone materials. And yet they are so different from one another. Perhaps that is why each one has made its mark on the architectural landscape over the centuries. In this post, we will delve into comparing marble and granite. Along the way, we will consider what makes these materials different from one another. We will also look at the make up of each material. Finally, we will mention some of the use cases for each of these natural stones.
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Natural Marble

Natural Marble Information

Marble has been used in the construction of fascinating buildings. Monumental architecture is made up of this natural stone material. Perhaps that is why natural marble has made its mark on the architectural landscape over the centuries. In this post, we will delve into some natural marble information. Along the way, we will consider what makes this natural stone material unique. We will also look at is make up. Finally, we will mention some of the use cases for this natural stone. Continue reading “Natural Marble”

Sources of Silica

Common Sources of Silica

Silica is a term that has been heard by many for a long time. People research it regularly. In fact, searches such as “silica vs. silicone” and “silica free sand” are among the ones we found. The second of those searches reveals that it is often associated with sand. Yet, it is virtually everywhere. That’s why it is important to know about history of silicosis. However in this post we are going to briefly summarize some common sources of silica. Then we will succinctly consider what that means for those working in constructional occupations.
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Particulate Matter

The subject of particulate matter is one that is central to filtration. Filtering the air using dust collection systems for various industries and controlling them using water treatment and recycling systems revolves around this concept. Since filtration involves this type of matter, we will discuss briefly what particulate are and how one specific kind of particulate is closely related to our products. Continue reading “Particulates”