Mobile Extractor

Mobile Dry Dust Extractor

Dust Collector That Is Mobile

The mobile dry dust extractor is a dry dust collector offering mobility. This unit is convenient for removing dust while performing finishing tasks.

The varnished steel construction provides protection against corrosion. Designed for mobility, this dust extractor moves around easily thanks to the swivel wheels. The unit sits right next to the work area. Additionally, the freestanding suction arm reaches into the work area so it can target a small space.

The centrifugal fan and the suction arm work to draw dust right from the workspace. Hence, it is drawn into the machine where the dust is filtered from the air.

Mobile Dry Dust Extractor Features

  • Varnished Steel for Corrosion Protection
  • Swivel Wheels Allow Mobility
  • Centrifugal Fan
  • Electric Motor
  • Filtering Cartridge
  • Freestanding Suction Arm
  • CE/UL Standards Compliant Electrical Panel
  • Manual Cleaning

The mobile dust extractor is a great addition to a fabrication shop. Also, it is perfect for positioning at finishing stations.

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